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Sam Winchester had seen many things. Since he was a child, he'd faced ghosts, vampires, demons... He'd been the vessel of Lucifer, gone a year without his soul... Seen his girlfriend burst into flames above him as blood dripped from a gash in her stomach, seen both of his parents die before his eyes... But never had he seen his older brother, Dean Winchester, cleaning.

"Dean! What are you doing?!" Sam exclaimed; he had been gone for five minutes to re-load his gun, and had come back to find his feminine brother, in a cloud of dust, actually cleaning out the Impala.

"Well when was the last time I gave my baby, here, a proper clean?" said Dean, throwing out some old beer cans and bullet shells. "She must have been choking on all the crap that's in here."

"Dean, you never clean!" Sam said, wide-eyed at what his brother was actually doing. "You'd rather stare at a wall all day, than clean something!"

Dean shrugged, emerging with his arms full of old porn magazines. "Just had this urge that it needed doing, you know?"

"Riiighhhhhht..." said Sam, dragging out the word. "I'll be right back."

The younger Winchester ran back upstairs to the flat, slamming the door behind him, before taking out his cell phone and picking 'Bobby' on speed dial.

"Hello?" A grumpy voice answered, after the forth ring.

"Bobby! It's me, Sam! I need to know if there are any side effects to that spell!"

"What, why?" said Bobby, lodging the phone between his ear and shoulder, before grabbing the old book off the shelf and flicking to the correct page.

"Well, it's just that Dean's been acting a little... weird." Sam explained, praying that it wasn't what he thought it was.

"Weird how?"

"Well, you know..." Sam started, feeling more awkward by the second. "Mood swings, sudden urges to clean..."

Suddenly the sound of raucous laughter echoed down the line. "You thing he's got PMS!" Bobby gasped, through chuckles.

Sam shuffled his feet and ran a hand through his much longer hair, "He is a woman now..." he trailed off.

Bobby shook his head and slammed the book on the table; Sammy could be a little naive at times. "You're not proper women, Sam!" Bobby exclaimed, still grinning his head off at the thought of a hormonal Dean. He said down a few passages in the book. "Yup, says here, you might experience a few new hormones, cos of the sudden change. Nothing to worry about."

"Oh, thank God," Sam said, sighing in relief. "Well, bye. We've got a ghost to catch."
"See ya!" said Bobby. He put the phone down and shut the book. "Idjits," he muttered, before grabbing another beer from the fridge.
Summary: During a particularly gruesome case, Sam and Dean use a potion the take the form of women, to enable them to fit the preferences of the spirit of a serial killer. But, how will the boys cope with the changes? After all, the preference is brunettes with sophisticated glamor and style. P.S: I'm a Brit, so sorry for any bad use of your American words ;)
Hope you like :D
P.s: Sorry I'm so lazy :P
Disclaimer: I don't own SPN :P
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'oh, thank god' exactly what I was thinking! xD
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